Relay & Switches

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Relays and Sockets

LEACH military-qualified miniature, subminiature and half-crystal can relays for dry-circuit switching range from low level to 75 amps and come in DC and AC versions.

LEACH subminiature relays are hermatically sealed against contaminants, polluants, and the temperature extremes of harsh environments. Many components can withstand vibration and shock up to 200G. A variety of sockets complement the miniature and subminiature relay lines. The Company's Balanced-Force® and balanced armature relays are available in various ratings, configurations and mounting styles.

LEACH relays for rail applications are specifically designed for critical, fail-safe operation and can be combined with high technology circuit boards to offer economical solutions to the constraints of rolling stock. Custom-packaged equipment and LRU racks featuring LEACH relays are ideal for use in Positive Train Separation (PTS) and Automated Train Control Systems (ATS) as well as in communications-based control and grade crossing systems.

Control Devices

LEACH control devices, combining many proven features of standard relays with highly reliable hybrid microelectronic circuits, include fixed and adjustable AC/DC time delay, solid-state time delay and programmable time delay devices, and RCCBs. In addition, a variety of power monitors and sensors are available for timing, sensing, and protection of current, voltage, frequency and phase.


LEACH high power contactors offer main contacts ranging from 25 to 1000 amps and are available hermetically or environmentally sealed in DC and AC versions. A variety of configurations, power terminations and packaging styles are available. Options include LRU versions, which feature a plug-in plunger interface for quick change installation, and lightweight busbar-mount configurations for modern electrical power distribution systems.

Smart Devices

LEACH smart relays and contactors are hybrid devices combining standard production relays with an electronic module and electrical sensors that interface with on-board computers. Smart relays control the flow of power to the equipment without the use of a conventional circuit breaker panel. The LEACH Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) relay is one example of a smart device that provides ground fault protection and gives added protection to wiring and equipment. This GFI circuitry can be incorporated into the majority of LEACH switching products.

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