How To Pick A Relay

The story behind a time delay relay specification or Man Does Not Live By MIL-STD-704 Alone
Coil voltage: no performance spec is independent or How an automatic firing system decided to make love not war
Some mechanical aspects of the relay or Did you hear the one about the independent poles?
Contacts: where most misapplications begin or How to save $35 and lose a half-million dollar missile
Specmanship and relay reliability or It's not what you've got, it's how you say it
Non-resistive loads: another common relay misapplication or How to keep 130 people in the dark at 30,000 feet
Contact duty: dry circuit to heavy load or How to keep a sub on the up and up
Relay, reliability, part II or There's no such thing as a free lunch
High Voltage 3-Minute Time Delays, Transients & You or :30, :29, :28, Zap! (Oops!)
Relay coil suppression or How to keep an airline pilot on the straight and narrow
Clearing the multi-definitioned air of time delay relay terminology or How to say what you mean, not just what you say
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