Customized Unit

Applications :

Key features and design concepts :

By maximizing the best component selection, mounting, wiring options and advanced technology, Leach International Europe can optimize customers' specific functional requirements.

Examples of Leach International Europe expertise include : central warning panels, anti-ice controllers, thrust reverser control assemblies, integrated wiring assemblies, overhead control panels and related products. Our design choices are governed by maintenance conditions (e.g., LRU at the assembly, subassembly or component level) as well as mechanical, environmental, thermal and climatic conditions.

Solutions for maintenance conditions :

  • Plugging relays into sockets or mounting directly onto a PC board
  • Soldering relays on multi-layered flex-rigid PVC or on modular PCB's plugged into an assembly

Solutions for environmental, thermal and climatic conditions :

  • Adding metallic covers over entire assemblies
  • Implementing waterproof designs utilizing compatible conductive gaskets with metal-cast housings
  • Electrical hardening of pyrotechnical circuits using filtering and lightning protection
  • Adding spare relays to provide future flexibility
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