Power Distribution Unit

Applications :


Key features and design strategies :

  • Highly integrated designs for significant weight and volume savings
  • Relay and contactor power switching devices, featuring numerous mounting styles, ratings and voltage switching capabilities, for either AC or DC power distribution
  • AC abd DC current sensing devices for all types of required protection (such as over-current, under-and over-voltage, reverse polarity, etc.)
  • Contactor and current sensing device assemblies designed as Line Replaceable Units (LRU) for easy-change installation
  • Modular concepts for easy reconfiguration of future requirements
  • Distributed or integrated architecture for optimization of aircraft specificities
  • Plug-in module or articulated junctions to associate secondary distribution assemblies with primary distribution assemblies for enhanced troubleshooting and maintenance operations

Advanced electronic features include, upon request :

  • "Design-to-safety" electronics i.e., optimized architecture to achieve the safety objectives of the equipment specifications
  • BITE features such as Fully Automatic Power On Built-in-Test (PBIT) and Continuous Built-in-Test (CBIT)
  • Fully reprogrammable control logic
  • Over-current, short circuit, reverse current protection ; under-current indication
  • TRU and battery over-temperature protection
  • Under- and over-voltage protection
  • Internal or external automatic reconfiguration in case of failure
  • Source paralleling protection for AC distribution
  • Various communication buses (ARINC 429, CAN, RS422/485, MIL-STD-1553, Ethernet buses, etc.) for internal use and for communication with man/machine interface, aircraft central computer, and other aircraft equipment
  • Load reporting and management
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